Our Auto Repair Services for Overland Park, KS

Blue Valley Garage is in business to fulfill your complete automotive needs.

We work on all foreign and domestic models ranging from Acura to Volkswagen, and Buick to Pontiac covering every year automobiles have been in production. (Parts availability permitting)

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Service & Maintenance

Electrical systems

Heating & Air Conditioning

Belts & Hoses

Engine Performance Diagnostic

Suspension Systems

Transmission Repair

Oil, Lube, and Filter Changes

Braking Systems

Routine Tune-ups

Drive Lines

Tires & Related Service

Wide selection of name brand tires

Tire Installation

Tire Balancing

Tire Rotation

Wheel Alignment

Flat Tire Repair

Battery Load Test

Measures the battery’s ability to “work.” Results are compared to the battery and vehicle manufacturers’ specifications.

Charging System Test

Alternator output (current) and voltage are tested. Results are compared to manufacturer’s specifications.

Starter Electrical “Draw” Test

Measures the amount of electrical energy required to turn the engine over during cranking. Results are compared to manufacturer’s specifications.

Heating and Air conditioning

Things our ASE technicians would look for…
Heating and Air Conditioning Tests
Pressure test engine cooling system
A/C system pressures are measured and compared to manufacturer’s specifications
A/C system is leak tested
Both the heater and A/C are performance tested by checking the outlet air temperature at the discharge vents

Belts & Hoses

Things our ASE technicians would look for.. Belts Visual Inspection
Checked for glazing, cracking, peeling and softening
Checked for proper tensioning
Checked for proper alignment of drive pulleys
Condition of each belt is recorded

Hoses Visual Inspection

Checked for leaks
Checked for hardening, cracking and softening
Pressure test cooling system for leaks
Condition of each hose is recorded

Engine Diagnostics

Things our ASE technicians would look for…
Vehicles with “driveability” problems require the performance of diagnostic procedures (to determine the cause). Components are tested, their condition recorded and compared to the manufacturer’s specs.

Suspension Systems

Things our ASE technicians would look for…


The following components are inspected. Their condition is recorded and compared to manufacturer’s specs.
Tie rod ends (inner and outer)
Idler arm
Pitman arm
Rack and pinion unit
Rack and pinion bellows boots


Control Arms
Ball Joints
Springs (Coil or Leaf)
Shock Absorbers

Wheel Alignment

Things our ASE technicians do…
An alignment check consists of the following:
Steering and suspension components are inspected
Tires are inspected for size, inflation and wear

An alignment printout is generated showing your vehicle’s alignment angles in comparison to manufacturer’s specifications.

Transmission Repair

Things our ASE technicians do…
Check Transmission operating ability
Check fluid condition
Test drive car to conform the problem
Take pressure readings

Lube, Oil, & Filter

Things our ASE technicians do…
Drain and fill engine oil, replace oil filter, and do a 3000 check over

Top off all fluids

Check condition of belts, hoses
Inspect exhaust

Brake Systems

Things our ASE technicians do… Disc Brakes
Disc brake rotors
Disc brake pads
Caliper hardware

Drum Brakes

Brake drums
Brake shoes
Wheel cylinders
Return springs & hardware

Hydraulic System

Master cylinder
Brake fluid
Brake hoses/lines
Power booster

Routine Tune-up

Things our ASE technicians do… Basic Tune-up
Replacement of spark plugs
Replacement of fuel filter
Check timing and adjust as necessary


Things our ASE technicians do…
Rear wheel drive
Inspect driveshaft for trueness
Inspect u-joints
inspect differential

Front wheel drive

Inspect Half-shafts for looseness
Inspect hub bearings
inspect differential

One of the cars serviced by our auto repair shop in Overland Park, KS

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